No Taxicab Company, Operator or Vehicle is permitted to operate as a Taxicab within the City of Oxford without having the required levels of insurance.
   (a)   The Taxicab Company must have on file with the City proof the Taxicab Company has a commercial insurance policy in-force which provides liability coverage for said company in operating as a Taxicab company.                       
   (b)   Each Taxicab Vehicle must have documentation on file with the City of Oxford providing proof of insurance which provides the following items:
      (1)   The Vehicle has an insurance policy in effect which insures the Vehicle for taxicab use.
      (2)   A Certificate of Insurance listing the City of Oxford as a Certificate Holder.
      (3)   The following minimum levels of insurance:
         o   $300,000 in Combined Coverage or,
         o   $100,000 in injury or death of one person per accident, and
         o   $300,000 in injury or death of more than one person per accident, and
         o   $100,000  in property damage coverage per accident. 
         o   Or equivalent Bond
   (c)   The City of Oxford shall be notified within ten (10) days of any lapse of insurance.
(Ord. 3360.  Passed 8-2-16.)