(a)   Prior to a Vehicle being placed into Taxicab service, the Vehicle must receive a Taxicab Vehicle license. A Vehicle license will be issued after the Taxicab Licensing Official verifies the vehicle has met the following standards:
      (1)   A full description of the Vehicle is provided. Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Body Style, Color, license plate number and VIN.
      (2)   A photo copy of the current State of Ohio Vehicle Registration.
      (3)   Vehicle Safety Report as per Section 725.11. This report cannot be over 30 days old.
      (4)   A copy of the Vehicle Insurance certificate, verifying the insurance matches the requirements of Section 725.10.
      (5)   Vehicle Markings. The vehicle markings must match the approved marking scheme for the Taxicab Company for which the Vehicle will operate as per Section 725.09.
   (b)   Once the Taxicab Licensing Official is satisfied that all the above Vehicle requirements have been met, the Taxicab Licensing Official will issue this vehicle a Taxicab Vehicle license. 
(Ord. 3360.  Passed 8-2-16.)