(a)     Application for a Taxicab Company license for Taxicabs shall be made to the Taxicab  Licensing Official. The following minimum information is required:
      (1)   The Taxicab Company name and address under which business it will be conducted.
      (2)   The trade name of the Company should it be different than the legal name.
      (3)   The name and address of the owner or operating officer of the Taxicab Company.
      (4)   The Taxicab Company's State of Ohio Venders Number.
      (5)   The Taxicab Company's Federal Tax Identification Number or EIN Number.
      (6)   Proof of Insurance which meets the standards in Section 725.10
      (7)   The Fare System being used and the Fare Rate Sheet meeting the standards in Section 725.13.
      (8)   The color scheme, logos, markings or lettering to be used on such Vehicle(s) which meets the standards in Section 725.09.
      (9)   Any other information as required by the Taxicab Licensing Official.
      (10)   A list of the Vehicles operating under this company's name and the Vehicle's Ohio Vehicle license number as per Section 725.06.
      (11)   A list of Operators who will be driving under this Company's name and Ohio Operator's license number as per Section 725.07.
         (Ord. 3360.  Passed 8-2-16.)