(a)   Area, Sign Face - the area of the smallest rectangle that encloses all of the letters, figures or symbols that comprise the sign message, including any background forming an integral part of the display, but not including any structure supporting the sign, unless the support structure forms a part of the message being displayed.
   (b)   Area, Total - the area permitted for a residential or nonresidential occupant, structure, site or other entity that is comprised of all separate sign face areas
   (c)   Banner - a non-rigid cloth, plastic, paper, or canvas sign typically related to a public demonstration or for the promotion of civic, welfare or charitable enterprises.
   (d)   Building Identification Sign - a sign intended to identify a building from beyond the site on which the sign is located.
   (e)   Changeable Copy Sign - a sign or portion thereof with characters, letters, or illustrations that can be changed or rearranged by mechanical, electronic, or manual means.
   (f)   Commercial Sign  - a sign proposing or promoting a commercial transaction or directing attention to a business, commodity, or service.
   (g)   Construction Sign - a temporary sign identifying the persons, firms, or businesses directly connected with an ongoing construction project and other information or diagrams about the project.
   (h)   Development Site  - Any area of land that is characterized by a single, unified, integrated development or land use regardless of ownership or underlying legal land divisions.
   (i)   Direction Sign - a sign intended to control the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic that does not contain any other commercial message.
   (j)   Flag - any fabric or bunting that display only the symbol of an official public entity or political jurisdiction.
   (k)   Flashing Sign - a sign that changes in intensity, color, or pattern of illumination at less than two-hour intervals when the sign is activated.
   (1)   Freestanding Sign - a sign that is affixed to the ground and that is not affixed to any other structure.
   (m)   Ground Sign - a freestanding sign structure that is affixed to the ground and that is not affixed to any other structure and that has a base that contacts the ground over at least 80 percent of the maximum width of the structure.
   (n)   Height, Sign - the distance between any part of the sign face area and the natural finished grade directly below it.
   (o)   Identification Sign - a sign that serves to identify only the names, addresses, and occupations conducted on or in the site, structure, building, or portion thereof on which it is located.
   (p)   Illegal Sign - either of the following:
      (1)   A sign erected without first complying with all ordinances and regulations in effect at the time of its construction and erection or use.
      (2)   A sign that was legally erected, but whose use has ceased, or the structure on which the display is placed has been abandoned by its owner, not maintained, or not used to identify or advertise an ongoing business after a period of more than 45 days. See 1151.02(h).
   (q)   Illumination, Direct - a source of illumination enclosed entirely within a sign and not directly visible from outside of the sign.
   (r)   Illumination, Indirect -- a source of illumination directed toward a sign so that a beam of light falls on the exterior surface of the sign.
   (s)   Illumination, Natural - illumination provided only by the sun, moon, and other broad environmental sources such as street lights, parking lot lights, and building lights and not provided with direct or indirect illumination as defined in this Chapter.
   (t)   Instruction Sign - an on-site sign designed to be visible on-site or immediately adjacent to the site by pedestrians and motorists and that conveys instructions with respect to the premises on which it is maintained. Examples of such signs include a sign designating the entrance to or exit from a parking area, trespassing sign, a danger sign, entry or exit signs, directional signs, service entrance signs, and on-site information signs.
   (u)   Menu Box - a pedestrian-scale, nonresidential occupant sign that provides an opportunity to change the message on a regular basis to provide information about a restaurant menu, scheduled entertainment, special events, and the like.
   (v)   Mural - a picture on an exterior surface of a structure. A mural is a sign only if it is related by language, logo, or pictorial depiction to the advertisement of any product, service, place, person or the identification of any business.
   (w)   Noncommercial and Political Sign - a sign other than a commercial, instructional, entry feature, construction, identification, outdoor advertising, professional or real estate sign.
   (x)   Nonconforming Sign, Legal - a sign that was lawfully erected or displayed under laws or ordinances in effect at the time of its installation, but that is not allowed under this Code.
   (y)   Nonresidential Occupant - Any single entity that is involved in the operation of a nonresidential land use.
   (z)   Off-Site Sign - a sign that is not an on-site sign as defined in this Chapter.
   (aa)   On-Site Sign - a sign directing attention to a business, commodity, service, person, or entertainment conducted, sold or offered on the same site on which the sign is located.
   (bb)    Portable Sign - a sign that is designed to be or capable of being moved or transported, and not permanently affixed or attached to any building, structure, or grounds.
   (cc)    Professional Sign - a sign indicating the name and occupation of a professional person or group of associated professional persons.
   (dd)    Projecting Sign - a sign that is wholly or partly dependent on a building for support or suspended from a pole attached to a structure and that projects more than 16 inches from the building at a perpendicular angle or approximately perpendicular angle.
   (ee)   Real Estate Sign - a sign advertising the sale, rental, open house, or lease or other disposition of the structure, property, or land on which it is installed.
   (ff)    Roof Line - the uppermost line or point of the facade or parapet of a flat roof structure, or the lower edge of an eve, gable, or rake of a sloped roof structure including a mansard roof.
   (gg)    Roof Sign - a sign erected on or projected above the roofline of a building or structure.
   (hh)    Sandwich Board Sign - a sign with two hinged, connected or double-faced boards or other material that can be temporarily placed on the ground and is customarily placed on a sidewalk to advertise changing sales, specials, or products sold in the adjacent establishment.
   (ii)    Sign - any object, device, display, or structure, or part thereof, situated outdoors or indoors, which is used to advertise, identify, display, direct, or attract attention to an object, person, institution, organization, business, product, service, event, or site by any means, including words, letters, figures, design, symbols, fixtures, colors, illumination, or projected images.
   (jj)    Self-service Facilities - machines, containers, and other external appurtenances that are publicly available and that are generally used by the public without assistance, such as canned and bottled drink dispensers, ice storage chests, propane tank corrals, automated teller machines (ATMs), gasoline pumps, air compressors, newspaper boxes, pay telephones, vehicle washing and vacuuming facilities, and the like, whether freestanding or attached to a structure.
   (kk)    Site, Development - See Development Site
   (ll)    Special Event Sign - a sign displaying a message about a grand opening, change in management, promotion, annual activity, sale, seasonal sale, temporary price change, new merchandise, new service, special service, and the like relative to the nonresidential occupant that displays the sign.
   (mm)    Temporary Sign - a sign designed, intended, or installed for a relatively short period of time and that consist only of materials that are not subject to degradation from exposure to inclement weather, the sun, or other natural hazards. Prohibited materials include uncoated paper, cardboard, untreated cotton, and other untreated natural fibers.
   (nn)    Wall Sign - a sign painted on or affixed flat against the wall of a building or structure, or a marquee, awning, or canopy in such a manner that the wall becomes the supporting structure for, or forms the background surface of, the sign and that does not project more than 16 inches from such building or structure.
   (oo)    Window Sign - a sign painted on or affixed to a windowpane or glass door or displayed on the inside of the building or structure that is within two feet of a windowpane or glass door and is visible from a public right-of-way or adjacent property.
(Ord.  3365.  Passed 8-16-16.)