The principal reason for identifying a development area or combination of development areas is to ensure that development areas projected to experience significant development in the future will be served adequately by necessary capital improvements.  Development subareas are established as shown on the Development Subareas Map.
   (a)   Such development subareas will be established by separate action of Council consistent with facility service areas established in the capital improvements plan for each capital improvement.  Such areas will provide a nexus between those paying the Permits and benefits received to ensure that those developments paying Capacity Benefit Permits receive substantial benefits.
   (b)   Additional development subareas or combinations of development subareas may be designated by Council as development areas consistent with the procedure set forth in this ordinance.  The Council must consider the following factors in determining when and whether to add development areas:
      (1)   The comprehensive plan.
      (2)   Any standards of adequate public facilities incorporated in the capital improvements plan.
      (3)   The projected full development as permitted by land use ordinances and timing of development areas.
      (4)   The need for and cost of unprogrammed capital improvements necessary to support projected development.
      (5)   Such other factors as Council may deem relevant.
   (c)   The designated development subarea for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity Benefit Permit shall be all lands within the corporate limits of the City of Oxford, Ohio, and any land annexed in the future shall be included in the subarea.
      (Ord. 2415.  Passed 8-15-95.)