General Provisions
   97.01   Definitions
   97.02   Shade Tree Commission
   97.03   Planting, removing trees in boulevards; permit; regulations
   97.04   Tree trimming
   97.05   Abuse or mutilation of trees
Shade Tree Pest Control
   97.20   Declaration of policy
   97.21   Declaration of a shade tree pest
   97.22   Forester; position created; duties
   97.23   Abatement of shade tree pest nuisances
   97.24   Reporting discovery of shade tree pest
   97.25   Inspection and application of control measures
   97.26   Standard abatement procedures
   97.27   High cost abatement
   97.28   Appeal procedure
   97.29   Abatement procedures in event of imminent danger
   97.30   Recovery of cost of abatement; liability and assessment
Declared Shade Tree Pests, Control Measures, and Control Areas
   97.45   Oak wilt
   97.46   Emerald ash borer
   97.47   Dutch elm disease
   97.99   Penalty