(A)   The City Forester is authorized to inspect premises and places within the city to determine whether shade tree pests exist thereon and to investigate all reported incidents of shade tree pests. The City Forester is authorized to take all reasonable measures to prevent the maintenance of public nuisances and may enforce the provisions relating to abatement in this section. Diagnosis of shade tree pests may be by the presence of commonly recognized symptoms; by tests as may be recommended by the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture or the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; or other reliable means.
   (B)   Entry on private premises. The City Forester may enter upon private premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of carrying out any of the duties assigned to him.
   (C)   No person, firm, or corporation shall interfere with the City Forester or with anyone acting under the City Forester's authority while engaged in activities authorized by this section.
(Ord. 1556, passed 1-3-2017)