The operational performance standards established in this chapter shall not apply to any of the following noise sources:
   (a)   Agricultural activities;
   (b)   Un-amplified bells, chimes or carillons while being used in conjunction with an ongoing religious service;
   (c)   Emergency energy release devices;
   (d)   Emergency work;
   (e)   National Warning System (NAWAS): systems used to warn the community of attack or imminent public danger such as flooding, explosion or hurricanes;
   (f)   Noise of aircraft operations;
   (g)   Organized school-related programs, activities, or events; municipally authorized parades or public celebrations, programs, activities or events; municipally authorized non-commercial public speaking and public assembly activities conducted on any public property or public right-of-way;
   (h)   Surface carriers engaged in commerce by railroad, exclusive of loading and unloading;
   (i)   Sound from the locomotion of properly muffled motor vehicles on a public right of way;
   (j)   Any authorized emergency vehicle when responding to an emergency call or acting in time of emergency;
   (k)   Any owner of a licensed collector’s vehicle, a historical motor vehicle, or a collector’s vehicle that is an agricultural tractor or traction engine that was manufactured prior to the enactment of this chapter.
      (Ord. 07-01. Passed 2-12-07.)