(a)   The provisions of this chapter may be enforced by Village Noise Control Officers. A person shall be qualified to be a Noise Control Officer if the person meets the criteria set forth in the definition contained in Section 532.01(y). The provisions of this chapter that do not require the use of a sound level meter or the provisions of any other applicable ordinances may be enforced by any appropriate law enforcement personnel.
   (b)   Noise Control Officers shall have the power to:
      (1)   Investigate and pursue possible violations of this chapter for sound levels, which equal or exceed the sound levels set forth in Table I, when measured at a receiving property located within the designated jurisdiction of the Noise Administrator, in accordance with Section 532.05.
      (2)   While acting within his or her designated jurisdiction, enforce all of the provisions of this chapter including the criminal and civil penalties for any violations.
         (Ord. 07-01. Passed 2-12-07.)