The Village Council shall appoint a Noise Administrator. The Noise Administrator shall have the power to:
   (a)   Coordinate the noise control activities of all departments in the Village of Ottawa and cooperate with all other public bodies and agencies to the extent practicable; and
   (b)   Review the actions of the Village of Ottawa and advise the Municipal Director of the effect, if any, of such actions on noise control; and
   (c)   Review public and private projects for compliance with this chapter; and
   (d)   Promulgate and publish rules and procedures to establish techniques for measuring noise, and to provide for clarification, interpretation, and implementation of this chapter; and
   (e)   Review at least every three (3) years the provisions of this chapter and recommend revisions consistent with technology to reduce noise, or to address new sound sources within the Village of Ottawa.
      (Ord. 07-01. Passed 2-12-07.)