(a)    It shall be the duty of the Director of Municipal Service of the Village to assign the proper numbers to business houses and dwellings now located in the Village and to record such numbers upon a plat to be furnished by the Village. The Director shall also assign numbers to all new buildings as may hereafter by erected, or changes in fronts of buildings as may be erected, and in all cases the numbers so assigned shall correspond with the plan or system provided herein.
   (b)    Even numbers shall be used upon the right side of the street and odd numbers shall be used upon the left side of the street, allowing ten for each number.
   (c)    The numbers required in Section 1325.01 shall be not less than two and one-half inches and shall be placed conspicuously on each building. In case any owner of a building or structure fails to place the number on any building or structure owned by him as the cost thereof shall be assessed upon the lots upon which numbers are placed and collected as assessments.
   (d)    For purposes of assigning building numbers, the dividing line of the Village (north and south) shall be the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, from the south corporation line to Main St., thence north on Railroad Ave. to its intersection with Defiance St., thence north on Defiance Street to the north corporation line. The dividing line (east and west) shall be the Main St. of the Village. The dividing line mentioned herein shall be the initial starting point for the numbering and the numbering shall follow the centenary system allowing one hundred numbers to each block.
   (e)    Whoever obstructs or interferes with any person employed by the Village to place numbers upon buildings, or who tears down, removes or defaces the same, shall be subject to the penalty provided for in this chapter. (Ord. 267. Passed 7-2-23.)