In case any applicant has been denied a license, or if his license has been revoked or suspended, the applicant or licensee as the case may be shall within three business days have the right to appeal to Council from such denial, revocation or suspension. Notice of appeal shall be filed in writing with the Clerk-Treasurer who shall fix the time and place for the hearing with the same to be not later than one week thereafter. The Clerk-Treasurer shall notify the Mayor and all members of Council of the time and place of such hearing not less than twelve hours in advance. Three members of Council shall constitute a quorum to hear such appeal. The appellant may appear and be heard in person or by counsel. If, after hearing, a majority of the members of Council present at such meeting declare in favor of the applicant such license shall be forthwith issued or fully reinstated as the case may be; otherwise the order appealed from shall become final. (1968 Code Sec. 50.16)