(a)    As used in this chapter:
      (1)    "Used building materials" means any materials including wood, stone, brick, cement block or any composition thereof, used or useful in the erection of any building or structure, which have been used previously for such erection or construction, by the same persons or by some other person.
      (2)    "Automobile parts" means any portion or parts of any motor-driven vehicle as detached from the vehicle as a whole.
      (3)    "Scrap metal" means pieces of or parts of steel, iron, tin, zinc, copper or any alloy thereof, whether covered with porcelain or any other material, whether intact or in parts, which has served its usefulness in its original form and can no longer be used or useful for its originally intended purpose.
      (4)    "Tin cans" means any container or sheet metal made of tin or any other alloy thereof, which is no longer useful in its present condition for the purpose for which it was originally intended.
      (5)    "Bottles" means glass containers and sheets or parts of sheets of glass whether in entire form or broken, which have served their intended purpose and are not longer fit for the original purpose.
      (6)    "Rope" means materials of hemp, cotton, nylon, rayon or any composition thereof, whether in a single piece or various parts, which is no longer safe to use or which cannot be longer used for its intended purpose.
      (7)    "Paper" means scrap paper or paper material not being used for any purpose in their original form or unfit for any further use in their original form and present condition.
      (8)    “Rags” means clothing or cloth which is unfit for further use for its originally intended purposes, in its present condition.
      (9)    "Offensive materials" includes dead or decaying vegetable matters, whether formerly growing on the lot or lands or whether placed thereon, manure or fertilizer, which has remained on the premises for more than three months, ashes, straw, offal or other annoying materials.
         (Ord. 779. Passed 3-20-67; Ord. 04-12. Passed 7-26-04.)