A.   Chapters: The development code, this title, contains six (6) chapters:
      1.   Introduction: Establishes the purpose, title and basic rules for using the city development code.
      2.   Definitions: Provides definitions for words used throughout the title. Words or terms used only in one chapter may be defined in that chapter.
      3.   Zone Classifications: Lists and describes the zoning classifications, allowed uses for each zone, and categorization of uses.
      4.   Temporary Uses/Temporary Housing Units: Allows temporary uses and structures and provides standards and conditions for regulating such uses and structures.
      5.   Development Standards: Provides development standards, such as density, setbacks, height, lot width, landscaping, buffering, parking, access, and other standards to cover general and specific uses; also covers home occupations, accessory dwelling units, adult entertainment, transfer of development rights, and sign standards.
      6.   Special Use Permits: Establishes the permit processes and criteria for permits provided by this title, e.g., nonconforming use permits, conditional use permits, planned unit development permits, and variances.
   B.   Numbering Scheme: The numbering scheme used in this title operates as shown below:
      13   5   1   A.1.a.(1)(A)
      Title   Chapter   Section   subsections
   C.   Format: Each chapter begins with a listing of the sections and a purpose statement for the chapter. General definitions are contained in chapter 2 of this title; specialized definitions may be found at the beginning of the chapter where those definitions are used. Cross references to other chapters and sections of this title can be found throughout the title. (Ord. 792, 7-29-2004)