13-1-2: PURPOSE:
The general purposes of the development code are:
   A.   Implement Comprehensive Plan: To implement the comprehensive plan in accordance with Revised Code of Washington 36.70 et seq. (planning enabling act) and 36.70A et seq. (growth management act);
   B.   Promote Health And Safety: To promote public health, safety, and general welfare through regulation of physical development of the city;
   C.   Orderly Development: To plan for future development of the city in an orderly and predictable fashion;
   D.   Adequate Public Facilities: To provide for adequate public facilities and services to support land development;
   E.   Promote Well Being: To promote social and economic well being through integration of aesthetic, environmental, and economic values;
   F.   Protect Property Rights: To protect property rights;
   G.   Protect Resources: To encourage protection of environmentally critical or historically significant resources;
   H.   Ensure Adequate Space: To ensure provision of adequate space for commercial, industrial, residential, and other activities necessary for public welfare;
   I.   Administration Of Regulations: To provide for efficient and effective administration and enforcement of the regulations;
   J.   Provide Light And Access: To provide adequate light, air, privacy, and convenience of access to property;
   K.   Elimination Of Nonconforming Uses: To provide for the gradual elimination of those uses of land, buildings and structures which do not conform to the standards of the district in which they are located and are adversely affecting the development and taxable value of property in the district. (Ord. 792, 7-29-2004)