The administrator shall approve an application for a boundary line adjustment if it is determined that:
   A.   Additional Lot Or Division: No additional lot, tract, parcel, site or division will be created by the proposed adjustment;
   B.   Insufficient Area And Dimensions: No lot is created or modified which contains insufficient area and dimensions to meet the minimum requirements of the zone in which the affected lots are situated;
   C.   Drainage; Utilities: No lot is created or modified which does not have adequate drainage, water supply and sanitary sewage disposal, and access for vehicles, utilities and fire protection, and no existing easement in favor of the public is rendered impractical to serve its purpose;
   D.   Consistent With Zoning Regulations: The boundary line adjustment is consistent with the applicable provisions of title 13 of this code;
   E.   Straight Line: The adjusted boundary line shall run in a straight line over its entire length except when natural boundaries or existing rights of way preclude such a straight line. (Ord. 792, 7-29-2004)