A.   Map Folio: The approximate location and extent of critical areas in the city are shown on a series of maps, hereinafter known as the "map folio". These maps shall be used to alert the public and city officials of the potential presence of critical areas; boundaries are generalized. The actual type, extent, and boundaries of critical areas shall be determined in the field by a qualified consultant according to the procedures, definitions, and criteria established by this chapter.
   B.   Criteria And Standards Prevail: In the event of any conflict between the critical area location or designation shown on the city's maps and the criteria or standards of this chapter, the criteria and standards shall prevail.
   C.   Changes In Map Folio: The initial map folio shall consist of the maps in appendix A. Authority is hereby delegated to the city administrator to subsequently effect such changes in the map folio as appropriate in the light of changed circumstances or newly acquired information. (1973 Code § 15.12.040)