A.   Allowing Exception: If the application of this chapter would deny all reasonable use of the property, development may be allowed which is consistent with the general purposes of this chapter and the public interest.
   B.   Application For Exception: An application for a critical areas reasonable use exception shall be filed with the city and shall be heard by the planning commission who shall seek legal advice from and consult with the city attorney. The planning commission shall make a recommendation to the city council, and the council shall issue a final decision.
   C.   Determination; Conditions: The planning commission, in recommending approval of the reasonable use exception, and the city council in acting upon said recommendation, must determine that:
      1.   Application of this title would deny all reasonable use of the property; and
      2.   There is no other reasonable use with less impact on the critical area; and
      3.   The proposed development does not pose an unreasonable threat to the public health, safety or welfare on or off the development proposal site; and
      4.   Any alterations permitted to these critical areas shall be the minimum necessary to allow for reasonable use of the property.
   D.   Alterations: Any authorized alteration of a critical area under this section shall be subject to conditions established by the city of Orting and shall require mitigation under an approved mitigation plan. (1973 Code § 15.12.030)