10-1-2: PURPOSE:
The state legislature has established the state building code applicable throughout all cities and counties in the state of Washington for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, and welfare of the occupants or users of buildings and structures and the general public. Accordingly, this chapter is designed to effectuate the following purposes, objectives, and standards of the state building code:
   A.   To require minimum performance standards and requirements for construction and construction materials, consistent with accepted standards of engineering, fire and life safety;
   B.   To require standards and requirements in terms of performance and nationally accepted standards;
   C.   To permit the use of modern technical methods, devices and improvements;
   D.   To eliminate restrictive, obsolete, conflicting, duplicating and unnecessary regulations and requirements which could unnecessarily increase construction costs or retard the use of new materials and methods of installation or provide unwarranted preferential treatment to types or classes of materials or products or methods of construction;
   E.   To provide for standards and specifications for making buildings and facilities accessible to and usable by physically disabled persons; and
   F.   To consolidate within each authorized enforcement jurisdiction, the administration and enforcement of building codes. (Ord. 862, 3-12-2008)