A.   Any person or persons designated by the city administrator, and all full time employees of the city public works department, shall be and are designated and specially commissioned as an enforcement officer with authority to enforce all provisions of this chapter, to issue parking infraction notices for violations of this chapter, and to authorize the impound of vehicles found to be in violation of this chapter, but shall have no arrest authority.
   B.   Failure to perform any act required or the performance of any act prohibited by this chapter is designated as a parking infraction and shall not constitute a civil infraction or a criminal offense, unless otherwise indicated in this chapter.
   C.   City police officers and all enforcement officers specially commissioned herein have the authority to issue a notice of parking infraction.
   D.   A seasonal parking permit may be revoked by the city administrator, or his/her designee upon a finding that the applicant provided false or misleading information in the application for a seasonal parking permit or upon a finding that the operator or passenger of a vehicle parking in a seasonal parking area violated the posted rules for use of the seasonal parking area.
   E.   Any vehicle found in violation of this chapter is subject to impound at the expense of the owner.
   F.   Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall have committed a parking infraction in violation of the model traffic ordinance of the city, and shall be subject to a maximum penalty of forty two dollars ($42.00) plus statutory assessments. (Ord. 906, 4-27-2011)