A.   Adopted By Reference: The "Washington model traffic ordinance", chapter 308-330 WAC, is hereby adopted by reference as the traffic ordinance of the city as if set forth in full. One copy of said model traffic ordinance shall be on file in the office of the city clerk.
   B.   Sections Not Adopted: The following sections of the MTO are not adopted by reference and are expressly deleted: WAC 308-330-255, 500, 505, 510, 515, 520, 525, 530, 535, and 540, all of which pertain to the licensing of bicycles.
   C.   WAC 308-330-423 is hereby amended as follows:
For State Route 162 from Milepost 10.31 to Milepost 10.34 the speed limit shall be 30 mph.
(Ord. 958, 7-9-2014; amd. Ord. 2021-1078, 9-29-2021)