A.   Abatement By City: In all cases where the Enforcement Officer has determined to proceed with abatement, ten (10) days after giving notice the City shall acquire jurisdiction to abate the condition at the person's expense as herein provided. Upon the abatement of the condition or any portion thereof by the City, all the expenses thereof shall constitute a civil debt owing to the City jointly and severally by such of the persons who have been given notice as herein provided. The debt shall be collectible in the same manner as any other civil debt owing to the City. (1973 Code § 8.16.060)
   B.   Abatement By Owner Or Other Responsible Person: If and when an owner or other responsible person shall undertake to abate any condition described in this chapter, whether by order of the Enforcement Officer or otherwise, all needful and legal conditions pertinent to the abatement may be imposed by the Enforcement Officer. It is unlawful for the owner or other responsible person to fail to comply with such conditions. Nothing in this chapter shall relieve any owner or other responsible person of the obligation of obtaining any required permit to do any work incidental to the abatement. (1973 Code § 8.16.070)
   C.   Immediate Danger; Summary Abatement: Whenever any condition on or use of property causes or constitutes or reasonably appears to cause or constitute an imminent or immediate danger to the health or safety of the public or a significant portion thereof, the Enforcement Officer shall have the authority to summarily and without notice abate the same. The expenses of such abatement shall become a civil debt against the owner or other responsible party and be collected as provided in subsection A of this section.  (1973 Code § 8.16.080)