The Enforcement Officer, upon receipt of a written complaint of any public nuisance, shall cause any owner or other responsible person to be notified of the existence of a public nuisance on any premises and shall direct the owner or other responsible person to abate the condition within ten (10) calendar days after notice or other reasonable period, whether shorter or longer in time than ten (10) days, as determined by the Enforcement Officer. The notice shall be substantially in the following form:
   (Name and address of person notified)
   As owner, agent, lessee or other person occupying or having charge or control of the building, lot or premises at                                                       you are hereby notified that the undersigned pursuant to Ordinance No.                       of the City of Orting has determined that there exists upon or adjoining said premises the following condition contrary to the provisions of subsection                     of Ordinance No.                         :
   You are hereby notified to abate said condition to the satisfaction of the undersigned within ten days of the date of this notice. If you do not abate such condition within ten days the city will abate the condition at your expense.
   Abatement is to be accomplished in the following manner:
Dated:                        (Name of enforcement officer)
(1973 Code § 8.16.050; amd. 1996 Code)