(a)   Plat approval of a minor subdivision is not required if the proposed subdivision of a parcel of land meets all of the following conditions:
      (1)   The proposed subdivision is located along an existing public dedicated street or road and does not involve the opening, widening or extension of any street or road.
      (2)   The proposed subdivision involves no more than five lots after the original tract has been completely subdivided.  "Completely subdivided" as used in this section means a tract which is divided into as many lots as the subdivider intends for the tract.
      (3)   The proposed subdivision is not contrary to applicable zoning or subdivision regulations.
      (4)   The further division of an original tract which has been previously divided into five lots requires the replatting of the original tract.
      (5)   Sections 1117.01 to 1117.03 are to be met even though plat approval is not required when a minor subdivision meets subsections (a)(1) to (4) hereof.
   (b)   Any person proposing to create a subdivision which meets all the foregoing conditions shall submit the following information to the Tax Map Department of the Richland County, Ohio, Engineer's Office for approval without plat.
      (1)   The conveyance documents, all copies thereof, together with two copies of a survey drawing and legal description of the parcel or parcels involved, prepared by a registered surveyor. The survey shall indicate the following:
         A.   Location of the proposed subdivision:  tract, boundaries, township, section number, north arrow and scale (one inch equals 100 feet).
         B.    Location of all existing streets on or abutting the parcel to be subdivided.
         C.   Lot lines with width and depth dimensions in feet.
         D.   The location and dimensions of all portions of the original tract not subdivided in lots.
         E.   Recording date; name of recorded owners of the parcel to be subdivided and certification and seal of the registered surveyor to the effect that the survey made by him balances and closes and that all dimensions and geodetic details are accurate and correct.
      (2)   Affidavit of compliance provided by the approving authority.
   (c)   After the Tax Map Department of Richland County, Ohio, Engineer's Office is satisfied that such proposed subdivision is not contrary to Section 1115.02(a), the same shall be approved upon presentation of an instrument of conveyance of such parcel or parcels and the same shall be stamped "Approved:  No Plat Required".  In the event the approving authority is not satisfied that the proposed subdivision complies with these Regulations, then the person proposing the same shall submit the above information to the Chairman of the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission shall, within thirty days after submission of the information required in Section 1115.02(a) and (b) review such information and if the proposed subdivision is in accordance with these Regulations, as are specifically applicable, they shall approve the same as a minor subdivision and upon presentation of an instrument of conveyance for the parcel or parcels, shall stamp thereon, "Approved by the City of Ontario Planning Commission; No Plat Required" and have it signed by its Clerk, Secretary or other official as may be designated by it.  In its consideration of the proposed subdivision, the Planning Commission may require such other information as it is pertinent to its determination hereunder.
(Ord. 77-19.  Passed 6-2-77.)
                                             being first duly sworn on oath (or affirm under penalty of perjury) deposes and says that:
   1.   Affiant is the owner of land proposed to be subdivided in accordance with the survey attached hereto, marked "Exhibit A."
   2.   The proposed subdivision is of land located along an existing public street and does not involve the opening, widening or extension of any street or road.
   3.   The parcel being divided will be divided into no more than five (5) parcels when the original tract is completely subdivided.
   4.   The proposed subdivision is not contrary to applicable platting, subdividing or zoning regulations and conforms in all respects to the City of Ontario, Richland County, Ohio, Subdivision Rules and Regulations and the provisions thereof applicable to "minor subdivisions."
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this                 day of                           , 19        .
                  Notary Public