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   A.   Misuse Of Facilities; Liability: No person shall use either the water or the facilities of the utility without prior written permission, nor shall any water facilities be used in any manner nor by any person except in accordance with such written permission. Any person using such water or facilities contrary to the provisions of this subsection shall be liable for the reasonable value thereof, for any damages resulting therefrom and for the cost of preventing or terminating such unauthorized use of water or facilities.
   B.   Misuse Of Water: It is unlawful for any person to misuse, waste, or in any way fail to conserve water distributed in the city for either culinary, commercial or irrigating purposes.
   C.   Diversion Or Damage: It is unlawful to maliciously or wilfully divert any portion of the water supply of the utility or to corrupt the same or render it impure, or to damage or to destroy any canal, aqueduct, pipe, conduit, equipment or other property used or required for the procurement or distribution of water.
   D.   Interference: It shall be unlawful to remove, damage, destroy or deface any property of the utility or in any way interfere, disturb or interrupt the operations, work or activities of the utility.
   E.   Contamination: It is unlawful for any person to erect or maintain any buildings, pens, stalls or fenced enclosures in which horses, cattle, sheep or other animals are kept, or to permit any such animals to be corralled, to be bedded or to run at large in that area that extends three hundred feet (300') on each side of every stream from which water is taken for the city water utility system and fifteen (15) miles upstream from the point of diversion, or in any area within three hundred feet (300') from the maximum high water line storage elevation of any reservoir from which water is taken for the city water utility system. It shall also be unlawful to carry on any other activities in said areas that may in any way contaminate any water or water source used by the city water utility system. All closets, privies, toilets or outhouses in said area must be provided with effective septic tanks or other suitable sanitary facilities to prevent the contamination of such water or water sources and may be constructed only after written approval by the manager and by the county health department.
   F.   Time Restrictions: No outside use of water shall be allowed between ten o'clock (10:00) A.M. and six o'clock (6:00) P.M. for the watering of lawns or other landscaping from April 15 through November 1 of each year, unless a written permit has been granted by the manager for the watering of new landscaping planted during the water season then in effect. The adoption of this regulation is not intended to restrict the mayor's power to adopt stricter or more extensive regulations under subsection 9-1-8A of this chapter.
(1979 Code §§ 14.08.020, 14.08.120, 14.08.140, 14.12.010, 14.16.010; amd. 1999 Code; Ord. 2004-30, 5-25-2004; Ord. 2022-19, 5-3-2022)