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   A.   Restriction Of Water Use:
      1.   Generally: Whenever the mayor, after investigating the various needs for water in the city and the supply of water available to meet such needs, determines that it is in the best interests of the city to place restrictions on the use of water distributed in the city, he shall have the authority, by administrative order, to place reasonable restrictions, as to time, manner and place, on the use of water for any purpose whatsoever within the limits of the city. All such orders shall take effect when filed with the city recorder and published once in a newspaper of general circulation in the city.
      2.   Emergency: Whenever any immediate threat arises to the quantity or quality of the city water supply, or any part thereof, that creates an emergency necessitating immediate remedial action, the mayor shall have the authority to promulgate such temporary rules as are reasonably necessary in effect when published once in a newspaper of general circulation in the city or, if such publication is not immediately available, when such rules are announced through other means of communication calculated to give the public reasonable notice.
   B.   Water Shutoff; Nonliability: The division may shut off the water in its mains at any time and without notice to make repairs and/or extensions or for any other reasonable purpose. Neither the city nor the utility shall be liable for any breakage, damage or injury whatsoever that may result from the shutting off of water for any such purpose.
   C.   Right Of Entry: Any inspector or other authorized agent of the division shall have access at reasonable hours to all premises supplied with water by the city for the purpose of ensuring that applicable ordinances, orders, rules and regulations are complied with and to make any examination of the plumbing or water fixtures that may be reasonably necessary.
(1979 Code §§ 14.08.030, 14.08.040, 14.08.050, 14.08.060; amd. 1999 Code; Ord. 2004-30, 5-25-2004)