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   A.   Unauthorized Water Use: It is unlawful for the owner or occupant of any premises to supply water to others or to permit others to secure water through their service line by hose or other devices without written permission from the manager. If such unauthorized use of water or services is permitted to continue after a five (5) day written notice from the utility to discontinue such use, the water supply shall be turned off and shall not be restored until the person authorized to use the service line has deposited with the division the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) to be forfeited in the event of any future violation and has paid the applicable charge for turning the water off and on again.
   B.   Defective Fixtures: Water service will be discontinued to any premises where there are defective or leaking closets, faucets or other plumbing fixtures that are not repaired or replaced after notice from the division. All fixtures must be closed when not in use.
   C.   Equipment Maintenance:
      1.   a. Consumers shall keep their sprinklers, hydrants, faucets, valves, hose, curb stop, angle stops, meter box, meter box ring and cover and all other fixtures and service pipes in good condition at their own expense.
         b.   Within public rights of way inside of the city, the water utility shall maintain service pipes serving retail consumers and running from the main to the closer of:
            (1)   The curb stop if a curb stop has been installed;
            (2)   Twelve inches (12") behind the curb if no curb stop has been installed; or
            (3)   Five feet (5') behind the street pavement if no curb stop has been installed and there is no curb.
         c.   Notwithstanding subsection C1b of this section, the water utility is not responsible to maintain, repair or pay any cost of maintaining or repairing service pipes:
            (1)   At any point on the consumer's side of the water meter;
            (2)   Located underneath a driveway;
            (3)   At any point beyond the water main or transmission line for service to consumers whose property is not inside the corporate limits of Ogden City or who are not retail consumers of the water utility; or
            (4)   At any point beyond the water main or transmission line in other locations where water service is provided in a nonstandard way, such as subdivisions with private water infrastructure or on a combined fire line and service line.
         d.   Whenever it is found that service pipes, other than service pipes maintained by the water utility as described in subsection C1b of this section and limited by subsection C1c of this section, or any fixture on consumer's premises is broken or not in serviceable condition, the consumer shall, upon notice, make the necessary repairs or replacements at the consumer's expense. Should a consumer fail to do so, the water shall be turned off or service limited and not turned on again until said repairs or replacements have been made.
      2.   At the discretion of the manager, the utility may make repairs to the angle valve, if determined to be necessary for adequate control of water. In such event, the manager is authorized to charge the owner for the actual cost of materials incurred in such repair.
      3.   If the meter box is not in an allowed location as provided in section 9-2-6 of this title, the city will install a new meter box at the proper location at city expense when either the property owner finds it necessary to replace their service line or when repair is required to a service pipe running from the main to a meter box not located within the public right of way. The property owner or the owner's plumber shall be responsible for removal and disposal of the old meter box and the installation or restoration of improvements associated with the relocation of the service line.
   D.   Separate Fixtures; Required When: Except where there is a house or houses situated in the rear of a house fronting on a street and on the same building lots and owned by the same person, firm or corporation, service pipes must be so arranged that each separate house or premises is supplied from a separate tap on the water main and controlled by a separate stopcock placed within or near the line of the street curb.
   E.   Multiple Fixtures:
      1.   Actions Designated: Where water is being supplied to one or more houses or buildings or families through one service pipe, the manager may, at the manager's discretion:
         a.   Discontinue water service to the single line until separate service lines are provided for each house or building;
         b.   Require each house or building to be metered from the common service line; or
         c.   Continue to supply water service on the condition that one party or person assumes full liability for all water supplied to all parties concerned through the common service line.
      2.   Common Service Line; Maintenance: In the event the manager elects to permit the continued use of a common service line under one of the provisions of subsection E1 of this section, it shall be the responsibility of all persons receiving water therefrom to maintain the common service line from the relevant location described in subsection C1 of this section to the house or buildings serviced by the line. In the event of the failure of such persons to make any necessary repairs to such line after ten (10) days' written notice, the supply of water to such line may be turned off until such repairs are made.
(Ord. 2015-43, 9-22-2015)