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All meters and meter boxes will meet the standards and specifications established by this section. Prior to the installation of any such meters or meter boxes, two (2) prints of drawings thereof showing fittings and dimensions must be submitted to the utility to ensure compliance with the standards prescribed herein. One print showing the approval of the utility will be returned to the applicant.
   A.   One Inch Line: All necessary meters and meter boxes for lines one inch (1") in size or less shall be furnished by the utility and the cost thereof included with the hookup fee.
   B.   Over One Inch Line: Where meters over one inch (1") in size are required, the meter shall be furnished by the utility and the meter box will be provided by the owner; provided, however, that all such meter boxes shall comply with standards and specifications of the city.
   C.   Bypass Line: All meters one and one-half inches (11/2") and over must be provided with a bypass line. The meter must be placed on the direct water line.
   D.   Size Restriction: No meter larger in size than the tap on the water main will be installed on any service.
   E.   Placement: All meter boxes must be placed in the frontage of the public right of way for the lot or parcel being served, and within ten (10) to fifteen feet (15') of the property line of said lot, so that the street side of the box is within twelve inches (12") of the back of the street curb. If there is no curb, the street side of the meter box shall be placed in the public right of way within five feet (5') of the back edge of pavement.
   F.   Location Restrictions: No meter will be installed in the following locations:
      1.   Any place that is, or may be, unclean, hazardous or not easily accessible to employees of the utility.
      2.   In any pit or well, below any plumbing fixtures or in the proximity of any plumbing fixtures in a toilet room.
      3.   Below stairways, landing, show windows, platforms or similar structures.
      4.   In the driveway leading to a garage.
   G.   Correction For Violation: In the event the location of any meter is in violation of the preceding subsection or comes to be in violation because of subsequent construction or other acts by the owner or consumer and the violation is not corrected after ten (10) days' written notice by the utility, the water supply to the premises will be shut off and will not be restored until the violation is corrected by the owner or consumer and fees for turning the water off and on are paid.
   H.   Subject To Vehicle Traffic: Whenever water service must be installed in any premises at such a location that the meter box may be subjected to vehicle traffic, it shall be the responsibility of the owner or the occupant of the premises to install at the owner's or occupant's expense a standard heavy concrete box with a heavy cast iron ring and cover, as approved by the water manager, of sufficient strength to withstand the weight of vehicular traffic. If the owner or occupant of any such premises shall fail to make such installation, the utility, in addition to any and all other remedies provided by law, may remove any meter that may have already been installed and terminate all water service to such premises until a meter box has been installed as provided herein.
   I.   Number Restricted: Not more than one service line shall be installed in any one trench and only one meter shall be permitted in a box. Only the valves and fittings needed to control the service line to the premises will be permitted in the meter box.
   J.   Curb Stop And Box: If the plans of the street call for the sidewalk to be adjacent to and in contact with the curb, a curb stop and curb box must be installed in the sidewalk adjacent to the curb and the top of the curb box and concrete of said sidewalk shall be at the same level. The meter box shall be set on the owner's side of the sidewalk adjacent thereto.
   K.   Concrete; Approval Required: No concrete shall be placed over a meter box or curb box without the approval of the water manager, who will provide upon request, drawings and specifications to be followed in placing the concrete. In case concrete is placed over a meter box or curb box and the utility finds it necessary to dig down to the facility for maintenance, a charge will be made against the owner for replacing the concrete and repairing any damage to the meter or meter box.
(Ord. 2015-43, 9-22-2015)