Parking lot landscaping shall be provided within any parking lot designed or intended to accommodate five cars or more, in accordance with the following.
   (A)   Type of tree and method of installation shall be consistent with the requirements of §§ 155.070 through 155.076 of this code.
   (B)   All planting areas within a parking lot or vehicular use area shall be curbed with a minimum six-inch high rolled or vertical concrete curbs.
   (C)   Landscaping islands and tree planting areas shall be well drained and contain suitable soil and irrigation characteristics for the planting materials they contain; in ground irrigation systems may be required as determined by the City Council.
   (D)   Landscape islands.
      (1)   Single island. There shall be an island with a minimum landscape width of seven feet and a minimum area of 120 square feet, placed at the ends of a single row of parking, each containing at least one deciduous tree. The island shall contain a minimum of one deciduous tree and one shrub and include grass, or ground cover, except for those areas that are mulched.
      (2)   Double island. There shall be a double island of 240 square feet placed at the ends of double row of parking. Two deciduous trees and two shrubs are required per double landscape island.
      (3)   Parking rows. Parking rows shall be interrupted by an intermediary landscaped island every 20 contiguous, side by side spaces, with the island meeting the minimum landscape width, area, and tree count as identified in divisions (D)(1) and (2) above.
      (4)   Median. For every five parking modules (62-foot minimum per module) included in a site, a seven- foot wide landscaped median shall be required, for the length of a centrally located row to visually break up and segment expansive parking lots. A deciduous tree shall be planted at intervals of 50 feet.
   (E)   All parking lots containing more than five parking spaces shall be screened from public streets and sidewalks, public open spaces and adjacent properties by complying with one of the following perimeter landscaping options or an alternative compliance plan which has been approved pursuant to § 158.188 of this chapter:
      (1)   The outside perimeter of all parking areas and drive aisles shall include a landscaped area seven feet in width. One tree selected from the city’s list of acceptable street trees or as otherwise approved by the city, shall be planted every 50 feet on center within the landscape perimeter. When a parking lot tree planting strip abuts a public right-of-way containing an existing or proposed street tree planting area, the city may grant an exception on a case by case basis if it is determined that a duplication may occur; or
      (2)   A minimum five-foot wide perimeter-landscaped area with ornamental fencing, masonry wall or opaque hedge and an approved street tree planted every 50 feet. A two-foot car overhang area shall be provided in any planting area adjacent to parking stalls.
   (F)   All landscape areas required by this chapter are to be maintained in good condition in a manner consistent with the plan approved for the site.
(Ord. 623, passed 9-8-1970; Ord. 3489, passed 11-20-2006)