(A)   Upon request by the applicant, the City Council may consider and approve alternatives to full compliance with the landscaping, screening and buffering standards contained in this subchapter if the associated visual impact is mitigated to the maximum extent feasible by the alternative landscaping and screening plans. Mitigation measures may include, but are not limited to increased setbacks, increased landscaping, additional fencing and architectural treatments or otherwise camouflaging equipment or, with prior City Council approval, the planting and maintenance, or payment therefore, of adjacent public way landscaping.
   (B)   The Director may waive a buffer requirement or reduce its extent to a temporarily appropriate level of screening if the future land use map designates adjoining property in a land use category such that a buffer would not be required by this chapter once the adjoining property is rezoned or developed.
(Ord. 3474, passed 9-5-2006)