The purpose of the regulations, standards, and criteria contained in this chapter is to provide an alternate zoning procedure under which land can be developed or redeveloped with innovation, imagination, and creative architectural design when sufficiently justified under the provisions of this chapter. The objective of the planned development is to encourage a higher level of design and amenity than is possible to achieve under standard zoning regulations. The end result is intended to be a product which fulfills the objectives of the village of Oak Brook commercial areas revitalization master plan and planning policies of the village while allowing flexibility from the standard application of the use and bulk regulations of the zoning regulations. The planned development is intended to permit and encourage flexibility and to accomplish the following specific purposes, among others:
   A.   To stimulate creative approaches to the commercial, nonsingle- family residential, and commercial/mixed use development of land.
   B.   To provide more efficient use of land.
   C.   To preserve natural features and provide open space areas and recreation areas in excess of those required under standard zoning regulations.
   D.   To develop and implement new approaches to the living environment through variety in type, design and layout of buildings, transportation systems, and public facilities.
   E.   To unify building and structures through design.
   F.   To promote long term planning pursuant to the village's commercial areas revitalization master plan, which will allow harmonious and compatible land uses or combination of uses with surrounding areas. (Ord. G-890, 7-14-2009)