"Robert's Rules Of Order" shall govern the proceedings of the plan commission where applicable and when not in conflict with statutes or ordinances; provided, however that the plan commission may adopt rules of order revising, repealing, amending or supplementing in whole or in part "Robert's Rules Of Order". In addition, any rules adopted by the plan commission may be suspended by a majority vote of the members present.
   A.   Attendance And Teleconference Voting: Rules of conduct for attendance at plan commission meetings via electronic means are as follows:
      1.   A commissioner may attend a regular or special meeting without being physically present if physical attendance is prevented by:
         a.   Personal illness or disability;
         b.   Absence from the village for personal employment purposes or for village business;
         c.   Family or other emergency, which emergency shall be stated on the record and be part of the minutes of that meeting;
      2.   A commissioner wishing to attend a regular or special meeting of the plan commission by electronic means must notify the secretary to the plan commission via electronic mail or facsimile not less than forty eight (48) hours before the meeting. If for an emergency meeting, notice shall be given as early as possible;
      3.   The chairman will announce the name(s) of any commissioners attending by electronic means at the beginning of the meeting;
      4.   If the chairman or other presiding officer attends the meeting through the use of electronic technology, he or she shall vacate the chair and a presiding officer as elected by the plan commission who is physically present shall preside;
      5.   No more than two (2) commissioners may attend a regular or special meeting by electronic means for any one meeting. Participation through electronic means shall be recognized in the order the request to the secretary is received;
      6.   A quorum of the plan commission must be physically present for any public meeting;
      7.   Commissioners participating by electronic means shall attend the entire meeting and shall preface their comments and votes by first stating their last name;
      8.   When any of the commissioners attend a meeting by electronic technology, all votes shall be by roll call;
      9.   Any commissioner shall be considered present wherein the commissioner is present by teleconference or other electronic means wherein voices are received from any location, provided that the nonphysical presence in excess of three (3) times per fiscal year shall render such commissioner absent for purposes of these rules. (Ord. G-779, 4-12-2005)