A.   Penalty; Application: The violation of, or failure to comply with any provision of this Code shall constitute an offense against the Village, and where no specific penalty is provided therefor, shall subject the offender, upon conviction, to a fine of not less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) and not to exceed seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00).
   B.   Parental Responsibility: The parent or legal guardian of an unemancipated minor defendant who resides with such parent or legal guardian shall be liable for any fine or condition of restitution or reparation imposed by the court upon a minor hereunder; provided, that the minor has not paid such fine or made restitution or reparation within the time ordered by the court, and further provided that such parent or legal guardian has been served with a notice to appear in the original cause as provided by law.
   C.   Payment Enforced: The payment of fines and costs of prosecution may be enforced summarily against the property of the delinquent.
   D.   Nuisance Abatement: Any condition caused or permitted to exist in violation of any of the provisions of this Code or any ordinance of the Village shall be deemed a public nuisance and shall be subject to abatement by the Village.
   E.   Separate Offense: Each and every act, action or thing done in violation of the provisions of this Code, or ordinance of the Village, shall be construed, deemed and taken as a separate and distinct violation of such provisions of this Code, and in every event that a violation of this Code, or any of the provisions hereof, shall continue, each day of such continuance shall be deemed, construed and taken as a separate and distinct violation of the provisions of this Code that such condition so allowed to continue shall violate.
   F.   Supervision: In addition to, or in lieu of, any fine or penalty which may be imposed for violation of an ordinance of the Village, a disposition of supervision may be entered by the court upon a plea of guilty or a stipulation by the defendant of the facts supporting the charge or a finding of guilty. Pursuant to such disposition of supervision the court shall defer entering any judgment on the charges until the conclusion of the supervision.
At the conclusion of the period of supervision, if the court determines that the defendant has successfully complied with all of the conditions of supervision, the court shall discharge the defendant and enter a judgment dismissing the charges.
"Supervision" means a disposition of conditional and revocable release without probationary supervision, but under such conditions and reporting requirements as are imposed by the court, at the successful conclusion of which disposition the defendant is discharged and a judgment dismissing the charges is entered. (Ord. G-776, 3-22-2005; Ord. G-782, 6-14-2005; Ord. G-1027, 7-8-2014; Ord. G-1127, 3-27-2018)