A.   There shall be no camping or picnicking on the Sports Core, except as specifically authorized in connection with an approved event.
   B.   No events shall be authorized or scheduled which require the installation of permanent facilities or the alteration or obstruction of open field areas.
   C.   Cross country skiing shall be permitted on any area of the Sports Core, except the golf course.
   D.   Practice hitting of golf balls is permitted only on designated driving ranges and practice areas.
   E.   Snowmobiles, motorbikes, motorcycles and other off the road vehicles shall not be operated on the Sports Core. Motorcycles may be operated only on paved roadways.
   F.   No skateboards, scooters or in-line skates shall be permitted in any area of the Sports Core with the exception of the pedestrian/bicycle paths.
   G.   No person may go in or upon any pond or other body of water, whether liquid or frozen, in the Sports Core except maintenance personnel authorized by the Sports Core Director; notwithstanding the foregoing general prohibition, at the pond adjacent to the Bath and Tennis Club, wading shall be permitted in a designated roped off area when a lifeguard is present, and canoeing and paddleboating shall be permitted in strict conformity with subsection 12-3-5D of this title.
   H.   Operation of mechanical airborne devices, whether radio remote controlled, tethered or mechanically/fuel propelled, is prohibited in all areas of the Sports Core. Such prohibited devices include, but are not limited to, motorized model airplanes and toy rockets.
   I.   Unless authorized in writing by the Village Manager or his/her designee, no person shall sell or offer for sale anywhere on the Sports Core any food, beverage, merchandise or service.
   J.   No person may sell or use sparklers in any area of the Sports Core. (Ord. G-1095, 1-10-2017; Ord. G-1102, 4-11-2017; Ord. G-1125, 2-27-2018; Ord. G-1144, 1-22-2019)