A.   Events: Whenever an event involves an admission fee or concessions:
      1.   Security services acceptable to the Village will be required;
      2.   A cash cleanup bond in an amount reflective of the magnitude of the event, as established by the Village Manager, or his designee, and agreed to by the applicant, must be provided two (2) weeks in advance of event. A minimum cash cleanup bond of five hundred dollars ($500.00) shall be established for each event;
      3.   Portable restroom facilities must be arranged by the event sponsor in accordance with the approval of the Village;
      4.   Field setup must be arranged exclusively through the Village. Billing for all services detailed in subsections A1 and A3 of this section and this subsection A4 shall be through the Village and all fees must be prepaid two (2) weeks prior to the event; and
      5.   A deposit with reservation applications in an amount consistent with overall service requests, as determined by the Village Manager, shall be required.
   B.   Bridle And Walking Paths: Sports Core bridle and walking paths shall be open to the general public.
   C.   Parking: Limited parking may be available for open field events, weather permitting. The Village reserves the right to require off site parking at its discretion. All costs associated with off site parking must be paid by the holder of the event.
   D.   Sponsorship: The Sports Core may, subject to the approval of the Village Board, accept sponsorship fees and grant approved forms of advertisement in return for such fees. The appropriate sponsorship fees for specific events shall be established on an individual basis by the Village Board. (Ord. G-1095, 1-10-2017)