The following fees and charges are hereby established governing the Oak Brook free public library:
Fee Or Charge
Fee Amount
Nonresident cards
Established annually by Illinois state law
Replacement library card
Returned checks
As determined by the village finance officer
Interlibrary loan transactions including loans and photocopies which need not be returned
As determined by the lending institution
The maximum charge for any item not returned shall not exceed the replacement cost of such item plus a five dollar ($5.00) processing fee.
Library users shall pay the costs incurred by the library in providing photocopies, printouts from computers or other services requiring specialized equipment; the library director shall determine these costs on a per unit basis from time to time.
In house online searches and outsourced searches will be used at the discretion of the librarians. If an Oak Brook cardholder requests online or outsourced searches, the requester shall pay the database charges incurred by the search before search results are provided. Charges are determined by the actual cost of the search. No service charge is added. (Ord. G-256, 8-26-1979; Ord. G-322, 5-11-1982; Ord. G-387, 9-9-1986; Ord. G-436, 11-14-1989; Ord. G-460, 2-12-1991; Ord. G-532, 3-8-1994; Ord. G-539, 8-9-1994; Ord. G-565, 12-12-1995; Ord. G-583, 2-25-1997; Ord. G-614, 7-28-1998; Ord. G-699, 6-25-2002; Ord. G-1172, 11-10-2020)