The Village Engineer is authorized to issue an order requiring the suspension of any work within a public way or public utility easement upon the discovery of any of the following:
   A.   Work is proceeding in a manner which creates imminent hazard or severe harm to persons or property on or off the site; or
   B.   A notice of violation has been given and the period of time deemed by the Village to be necessary for the completion of such work has elapsed; or
   C.   Work for which a permit is required has started, or is proceeding, without issuance of such a permit.
Such stop work order shall be in writing, shall indicate the reason for its issuance, and shall order the action, if any, necessary to resolve the circumstances requiring the stop work order. One copy of the stop work order shall be posted on the property in a conspicuous place and one copy shall be either given by personal delivery thereof to the agent engaged in the work, mailed by certified or registered United States mail addressed to the person to be notified, or by telefax and regular mail. It shall be unlawful to proceed with any work for which a stop work order has been given. (Ord. G-637, 7-13-1999)