A.   Maintenance Of Facilities And Emergency Maintenance: Facilities on, over, above, along, upon, under, across or within public ways or public utility easements are to be maintained by or for the utility or owner in a manner satisfactory to the village and at the utility's or owner's sole expense.
   B.   Emergency Situations: Emergencies may justify noncompliance with normal procedures for securing a permit:
      1.   If an emergency creates a hazard on the traveled portion of the public way, the utility or owner shall take immediate steps to provide all necessary protection for traffic on the public way including the use of signs, lights, barricades or flaggers. If a hazard does not exist on the traveled way, but the nature of the emergency is such as to require the parking on the shoulder of equipment required in repair operations, adequate signs and lights shall be provided. Parking on the shoulder in such an emergency will only be permitted when no other means of access to the facility is available.
      2.   In an emergency, the utility or owner shall, as soon as possible, notify the Village Engineer of the emergency, informing him as to what steps have been taken for protection of the traveling public and what will be required to make the necessary repairs. If the nature of the emergency is such as to interfere with the free movement of traffic, the Village police shall be notified immediately.
      3.   In an emergency, the utility or owner shall use all means at hand to complete repairs as rapidly as practicable and with the least inconvenience to the traveling public.
The utility or owner must apply for a permit for the emergency work with the Village within five (5) days after such emergency.
   C.   Cleanup And Restoration: Upon completion of all construction or maintenance of facilities, the permittee or utility shall remove all excess material and restore all disturbed areas in a timely manner to a condition substantially equivalent to that which existed prior to the commencement of work and to the satisfaction of the Village. This work shall be accomplished in accordance with any permit conditions.
   D.   Restoration Of Street By Village: When any permit has been revoked and the work authorized by the permit has not been completed, the Village may do such work as is necessary to restore the area to a condition acceptable to the Village. All expenses incurred by the Village for such restoration shall be paid by the permittee and may be recovered from the performance security or other bonds posted. (Ord. G-637, 7-13-1999)