A.   Prohibition: No person shall have a right of property in, keep, harbor, care for, act as custodian of or maintain in his possession any dangerous animal except at a properly maintained zoological park, federally licensed exhibit, circus, scientific or educational institution, research laboratory, veterinary hospital or animal refuge in an escapeproof enclosure.
   B.   Domestication No Defense; Seizure And Confiscation: It is no defense to a violation of subsection A of this section that the person violating such subsection has attempted to domesticate the dangerous animal. If there appears to be imminent danger to the public, any dangerous animal found not in compliance with the provisions of this chapter may be subject to seizure and may immediately be placed in an approved facility. Upon the conviction of a person for a violation of subsection A of this section, the animal with regard to which the conviction was obtained, may be seized and placed in an approved facility. The owner shall be responsible for all costs connected with the seizure and confiscation of such animal. Approved facilities include, but are not limited to, a zoological park, Federally licensed exhibit, the DuPage County Animal Control Facility, Humane Society, veterinary hospital or animal refuge. (Ord. G-1014, 11-26-2013)