6-1-1: NOISE:
   A.   It shall be unlawful for any person to make, continue to cause to be made or continue any loud, unnecessary, prolonged or unusual noise which disturbs the peace of others.
   B.   Any person who shall, without prior authorization by the president and board of trustees, operate or cause, permit or allow to be operated upon any public street in the village any mechanically operated piano, phonograph or other musical instrument, radio or similar mechanical or electrical device or wind instrument or noisemaking device of any character whatsoever, for the purpose of advertising any goods, wares, merchandise or other articles for sale, barter or exchange, or for the purpose of attracting attention, or of inviting the patronage of any person to any business whatsoever, shall be deemed guilty of an offense against the village. (Ord. G-577, 10-22-1996)