A.   In addition to the other applicable conditions and requirements of this chapter, a Class P liquor licensee may only dispense alcoholic liquor subject to the following conditions and restrictions:
      1.   Alcoholic liquor shall only be served, drawn, poured, mixed or delivered without charge; and
      2.   Alcoholic liquor may only be served in reusable glassware visually distinct from merchandise sold within the premises; and
      3.   A single "alcoholic beverage" within a Class P License shall mean sixteen (16) or fewer ounces of beer in a single glass, four (4) or fewer ounces of wine in a single glass; and any other beverage containing one and a half (1.5) or fewer ounces of alcohol; and
      4.   No patron may be served more than one (1) alcoholic beverage per hour or more than two (2) alcoholic beverages during any one calendar day; and
      5.   Each employee dispensing alcoholic liquor must be certified and trained from the state licensed beverage alcohol sellers and servers education and training (BASSET) program; and
      6.   The Class P Licensee must offer non-alcoholic beverages and prepared or packaged food to all customers or patrons to whom alcoholic beverages are offered; and
      7.   No live entertainment of any type shall be offered; and
      8.   No alcoholic liquor shall be served outside of the hours that the Jewelry Store is open to the general public; and
      9.   There shall be no window or other external signage on the premises or surrounding property indicating that alcoholic liquor is available at the premises; and
      10.   The Class P Licensee shall have professional security guards monitoring every point of customer ingress and egress for any patrons attempting to exit with glassware and shall direct such guards to collect any such glassware; and
      11.   The Class P Licensee must install and maintain a video surveillance system covering, at a minimum, all ingress and egress points from the premises as well as all alcoholic liquor serving points within the premises and such video surveillance system must be connected in real time with full time access to the Village's real time crime center platform; and
      12.   The Class P Licensee must provide to the Village plans of the premises noting access control points, alcoholic liquor serving points, video surveillance locations, and the location and wording of signage to alert patrons that exiting the premises with any alcoholic beverages is prohibited. (Ord. G- 1233, 4-25-2023)