In addition to the other applicable conditions and requirements of this chapter, Class I liquor licensees may sell alcoholic liquor subject to the following conditions and restrictions:
   A.   Alcoholic liquor shall only be drawn, poured, or mixed at the bar located in the lobby of the movie theater.
   B.   Alcoholic liquor may be delivered and consumed only in the lobby bar area or in the movie theater auditoriums.
   C.   The movie theater may only serve alcoholic liquor in containers that are of a different color, size and design than those in which it serves nonalcoholic beverages.
   D.   No more than twenty four (24) ounces of beer may be sold in a single container at a time. No more than eight (8) ounces of wine may be sold in a single container at a time.
   E.   Except for the sale of beer and wine, no drink may be sold that contains more than three (3) ounces of alcohol.
   F.   Alcoholic liquor may not be sold unless the movie theater is open for the showing of movies or for the holding of private rentals and events. Alcoholic beverages may not be served more than one hour prior to the advertised showing time of the first movie shown on a particular day, except for private rentals and events.
   G.   The lobby bar and the lounge area may comprise no more than twenty percent (20%) of the floor area outside of the movie theater auditoriums. (Ord. G-1046, 4-14-2015)