A.   Any licensee may apply for renewal of his license prior to the expiration thereof, provided he is then entitled to receive a license and the premises for which such renewal license is sought is suitable for such purpose.
   B.   In order to assure eligibility to renew the license, the licensee shall either certify to the continued compliance of the premises with the conditions pursuant to which the license was initially granted, including the approved floor plan, or shall submit a request for approval of certain changes in the licensed business pursuant to subsection 4-1-20C1 of this chapter. The renewal application shall be on forms provided by the village and shall include the same information as provided for an original application, to determine whether the licensee is, and will continue to be, qualified for a license. Provided, in lieu of new submittals, the renewal applicant may certify, on forms provided for by the village, that some or all of the information previously provided by the applicant with any original or renewal application has not changed, and provided further, that subsection 4-1-9K of this chapter, shall not apply in the case of a renewal of a liquor license in good standing.
   C.   Applications for renewal along with the required license fee shall be filed with the village no later than the second Friday of June each year. Applications for renewal filed after this deadline shall be considered a late filing, but shall be accepted by the village until June 30 of each year, provided that any licensee submitting a late filing shall, in addition to the license fee, pay a late fee of five hundred dollars ($500.00). No application for renewal shall be accepted after June 30 of each year. Any application filed after June 30 shall be treated as an application for an original license.
   D.   Applications for renewal shall be considered by the commissioner and either approved or denied based upon the standards and qualifications for issuance as set forth in this chapter and state law.
   E.   Except for special events licenses under section 4-1-17 of this chapter, any license issued pursuant to this chapter shall terminate by operation of law at 11:59:59 P.M. of the June 30 following issuance. Any licensee who has filed an application shall be permitted to continue operation under the authority of the existing license, even after June 30, until a final decision is made by the commissioner as provided herein. Any licensee who fails to file a renewal application shall cease liquor operation on or before June 30. (Ord. G-570, 5-14-1996; Ord. G-612, 6-9-1998; Ord. G-722, 6-24-2003)