A.   Arrests: All police officers shall have power:
      1.   To arrest, with or without process, all persons who break the peace or are found violating any provision of this code or other ordinance of the village or any criminal law of the state;
      2.   To commit arrested persons for examinations;
      3.   If necessary, to detain arrested persons in custody overnight or on Sunday in the village jail or any other safe place, until they can be brought before a magistrate or a judge for hearing or trial;
      4.   They shall have all the powers of constables as established by common law.
   B.   Police As Witnesses: All officers making arrests shall attend as witnesses before the court where the trial may be had, and shall procure all necessary evidence in their power, and furnish a list of witnesses to the court; no village officer or police officer shall be entitled to any witness fees to be taxed against the village in any action for a violation of any provisions of this code or other ordinance where the village is plaintiff.
   C.   Furnishing Bail Prohibited: No member of the police force shall become or furnish bail for any person arrested for violation of any provisions of this code or other ordinance of the village or of the criminal laws of the state.
   D.   Aiding Fire Department: It shall be the duty of the police force to aid the fire department by giving alarms in case of fire and by clearing the streets or grounds in the immediate vicinity of the fire, so that the members of the fire department shall not be hindered or obstructed in the performance of their duties.
   E.   Accidents; Reports: Each and every police officer of the village, whenever any accident shall occur within the village limits of which he has or should have notice or knowledge, shall record forthwith in writing the place, day and nature of the accident, the hour of the day or night when it occurred, the condition of the weather (and, if at night, whether cloudy, clear or moonlight and whether the streetlamps nearby were or were not lighted), the name of each person injured, the extent and nature of the injury suffered, the names and residences of the principal witnesses and the name and residence of the examining physician, if any. Said records shall be kept on file at the police station, and where the village may be involved a copy of said record shall be sent forthwith to the village attorney.
   F.   Park District Rules: All officers may enforce the laws, ordinance, rules and regulations of the Oak Brook park district within the corporate limits of the village, and sign and file complaints for any violations thereof, in accordance with, and pursuant to, that certain intergovernmental agreement between the village of Oak Brook and the Oak Brook park district regarding policing of park property, dated June 14, 1994. (Ord. G-1054, 7-14-2015)