A.   Oath: Every member of the police department, before entering upon his duties as such, shall take and subscribe an oath of office in substantially the following form:
I solemnly swear that I shall support the Constitution of the United States and the constitution of the State of Illinois and that I will faithfully discharge the duty of the office of (naming the specific office) to the best of my ability.
Such oath shall be subscribed and sworn to before some officer authorized by the state of Illinois to administer oaths and shall be filed in the office of the village clerk.
   B.   Police Training: The village hereby elects to participate in the program provided for in the Illinois police training act 1 . Before an individual may be awarded a permanent appointment as a police officer, he must have been certified by the Illinois local governmental law enforcement officers training board as having successfully completed an approved training course as provided in said act.
   C.   Removal From Office: Except for the office of police chief, no officer of the police department shall be removed from office except pursuant to and in accordance with the statutes of the state and the rules and regulations of the board of fire and police commissioners.
   D.   Compensation: Every member of the police department shall receive such compensation as the village president and board shall from time to time determine. From and after the effective date of this chapter, and until otherwise changed by the village president and the board, the police chief, the deputy police chief, police commander, police sergeants, and police patrol officers shall receive the same salary as provided in the salary schedule adopted from time to time by the village president and the board except that police patrolmen heretofore designated as desk officers shall continue to receive the salaries heretofore provided in the salary schedule for desk officers until a new schedule is adopted. (R-54, 5-24-1965; Ord. G-76, 9-26-1967; Ord. G-970, 4-10-2012)



1. 50 ILCS 705/1 et seq.