A.   Office Created; Appointment: The office of police chief of the police department of the village is hereby created. The police chief shall be appointed by the village president and approved by the board of trustees on the basis of merit, fitness and experience. He need not be a resident of the village. The police chief shall serve at the pleasure of the village president and board and may be removed by them at any time.
   B.   Bond: The police chief shall give bond payable to the village in the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) conditioned according to law, and with sureties to be approved by the village president.
   C.   Powers And Duties: The police chief shall have the custody, care and control of the public property of the police department, subject to the supervision of the village president, and of all firearms and other equipment; he shall be the head of the police department and shall promulgate such orders, rules and regulations for the conduct of the department and the subordinate members thereof as to him shall seem fit and proper, which said orders, rules and regulations shall be subject to and not in conflict with the rules and regulations of the board of fire and police commissioners of the village. He shall devote full time to the municipal affairs of the village, preserve the peace, order, safety and cleanliness thereof, and to this end he shall execute and enforce all provisions of this code and other village ordinances and all orders of the president. He shall be charged with the duty of protecting the rights of persons and the protection of property in the village. (Ord. G-76, 9-26-1967; Ord. G-127, 11-24-1970)