A.   Subdivision Regulations Complied With: No land shall, after the adoption of these subdivision regulations, be subdivided without complying with these regulations.
   B.   Lots Recorded Before Sale: No lot, tract, or parcel of land within any such proposed subdivision (smaller than the entire tract) shall be offered for sale or be sold until such subdivision plans have been properly reviewed and officially approved by the village board and a final plat recorded.
   C.   Issuance Of Building Permits: No building permit shall be issued for any building or other structure on a lot, tract or parcel of land which does not meet applicable provisions of this title.
   D.   Prerequisites To Improvements: No improvements, such as sidewalks, water supply, storm water drainage, sewerage facilities, gas service, electric service or lighting, grading, paving or surfacing of any street, shall be made within any such proposed subdivision by any owner or owners or his or their agent, or by any public utility corporation at the request of such owner or owners or by his or their agent until the plat for the subdivision and also the plans for the improvements have been properly reviewed by the village engineer, and officially approved by the village board and the final plat recorded.
   E.   Construction In Phases: Where a tract of land is proposed to be subdivided in several stages over a period of years, and the subdivider requests approval in parts, he shall, at the time of submission of the first part, submit a detailed plan of the entire tract to be eventually developed, with appropriate sectioning to demonstrate to the Oak Brook village plan commission that the total design as proposed for the entire subdivision is acceptable under the terms of these regulations. The plan commission and village board may give preliminary approval to the overall plan and final approval on the parts as submitted from time to time.
   F.   Minimum Requirements: The provisions of this title shall be the minimum requirements necessary in the subdivision of land. (Ord. G-708, 12-10-2002)