A.   Except for "minor changes" as provided in subsection B of this section, any modifications to an approved planned development or any addition to or expansion of an existing planned development shall require separate review and approval under the provisions applicable to the initial approval of a planned development.
   B.   A "minor change" is any change in the site plan or design details of an approved planned development which is consistent with the standards and conditions applicable to the planned development and which does not alter the concept or intent of the planned development. A minor change shall not increase the planned development's density, add new uses, increase any applicable bulk regulation, reduce open space, modify the proportion of housing types, change or add new parking areas, alter alignment of roads, utilities or drainage, amend final development agreements, provisions or covenants, or provide any other change inconsistent with any standard or condition imposed by the corporate authorities in approving the planned development. A minor change may be approved by the village manager, following receipt of a recommendation of the community development director, without obtaining separate approval by the corporate authorities.
   C.   The provisions and limitations of subsections A and B of this section are subject to such additional conditions and provisions as the corporate authorities may include in the ordinance approving a planned development. (Ord. G-890, 7-14-2009)