(a)   Continuance of Signs.  Except as provided herein, any sign legally existing on the effective date of this Zoning Code, and which remains or becomes non-conforming upon the adoption of this Code or any subsequent amendment hereto, may be continued as a matter of right provided that the sign complies with all requirements for safety, maintenance, and repair.
   (b)   Repairs. Ordinary repairs and non-structural alterations may be made to a non-conforming sign. No structural alterations shall be made in, to or upon such non-conforming sign or related support structures, except those required by law to make the sign conform to the provisions of this code.
   (c)   Additions and Enlargements.  A non-conforming sign shall not be added to or enlarged in any manner, except to make the sign conform to the regulations of this Code.
   (d)   Moving. No non-conforming sign shall be moved in whole or in part to any other location unless the sign is made to conform to all regulations of this Code.
   (e)   Restoration of Damaged Non-Conforming Signs. A non-conforming sign which is destroyed or damaged by fire or other cause to the extent that the cost of restoration will exceed sixty percent of the value of the sign at the time of damage, shall not be restored unless it is made to conform to all the regulations of this chapter, or any subsequent amendment thereto. In the event that such damage or destruction is less than sixty percent of the value of the sign at the time of damage, no repairs or construction shall be made unless such restoration is started within sixty days from the date of the damage and is diligently pursued to completion.
   (f)   Removal of Abandoned Signs.  All non-conforming signs shall be subject to the removal requirements of Section 1454.07 of the Building and Housing Code.
(Ord. 104-2010.  Passed 11-22-10.)