(a)   Whenever a property owner or tenant vacates a premises or discontinues the use of the premises for any reason, the owner of the property shall, within thirty days after such vacation of the premises or discontinuance of use, remove all signs (including any poles or other structural elements) pertaining to or relating to the former tenant or use.  If the new tenant or use occupies or re-occupies the premises within the thirty-day period, the signs may remain, provided a permit is secured to relate the sign to the new tenant or use in conformity with the Zoning Code.
   (b)   When the use or required maintenance of any sign or outdoor advertising display is discontinued, the owner of such sign or outdoor advertising display shall immediately remove the same, or the Superintendent of Building and Zoning Inspection shall take such action as may be necessary to abate such nuisance.
(Ord. 42-1981.  Passed 2-23-81; Ord. 109-2010.  Passed 11-22-10.)